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Sensory Tour for Visually impaired guests

On November 17th and 30th, visually impaired guests and their helpers visited us to walk around Osaka Castle. They took the transportation service in Osaka Castle Park, Road-train and Electric-car, from Morinomiya to come to ”Hokoku-jinja” Shrine located near the main enclosure of the castle “Honmaru”.

They were able to touch and feel how high the statue of Hideyoshi at “Hokoku-jinja” Shrine is, how huge “Takoishi”(Octopus Stone) is, and how magnificent decorative carvings on the pillars of MIRAIZA(historical building) entrance is. The autumn leaves were so beautiful that day, and both guests and guides were full of smiles. They fully enjoyed the tour, listening intently as the guide talked about the castle’s reflection in the pond at the Japanese garden.

  How huge Octopus Stone is! (5.5m high, 11.7m wide)

           Magnificent decorative carvings!